21 January 2022
Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing palette of the summer months, as well as the opportunity of digital innovation, we present our vision of Summer 2023, where nature and technology align through fresh colours and futuristic textures.

This year Lanificio Luigi Ricceri celebrates simplicity and summer breeze through colour, such as strawberry red, milk-like white or lime yellow. The brand essence is preserved through the iconic use of natural textile – pure linen and silk, as well as the inventive leather coating, printed styles and intricate jacquard designs.

The fluidity of nature is represented by the futuristic textures and effects, which include styles that resemble the movement of water, playful duel of light and voyeurism-inducing semi-transparent fabrics.

Whether it is the petals of a Dutch iris or the white cliffs of Dover you see in our new textured abstract designs, the interpretation is up to one’s imagination.

A blend of viscose and silk creates a resistant, non-stretch summer fabric that maintains shape, perfect for modern summer tailoring

Semi-transparent cotton blend style with a checked structure in a matte/gloss finish - as a trip to Cote d’Azur

The malachite green: airy design with a wrinkle finish and 3D effect in light velvet, resulting in an out-of-this-world futuristic look.

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