Total control process

Vertical Process

From start to finish
Vertical Process sustainability

With a start-to-finish production process we can ensure true confidentiality and exclusivity to every customer, maintaining a real control on sustainable protocols implementation.

The complete product verticalization of most collections means that we can start with the raw fiber and obtain a finished textile. This model guarantees stringent quality control in every step of production, further fuelled by close-knit collaboration of the design and production teams, making sure the end is just as our client imagined.

20.000 m²

covered on a surface of about

35.000 m²

complete verticalization of the production process
Logo Lanificio Luigi Ricceri - 35.000 m2 total surface


Total control process, for real
Vertical Process Traceability

We believe in the importance of transparent production, therefore we have invested in the technology allowing our clients to learn about the journey of our pieces, from the raw cotton to the fabric roll.

Called Real Traceability, the system ensures that every product has a passport that explains all the steps in the production process. Offering total transparency and reliability to our clients, Lanificio Luigi Ricceri believes in ethical practice at every step of our supply chain, from yarn sourcing to the well-being of our employees.


raw material entering the process

Manufacturing Cycle

with the identification of every process

Transformation Recipe

dyeing, warping, washing...

List of the Chemical Products

in compliance with MRSL ZDHC

Logo Lanificio Luigi Ricceri - 35.000 m2 total surface